selectable-key String

Defines the meta key when doing a visual selection through drawing a rectangular area around shapes in the canvas. The selectable-key option does not change the way a single shape is selected through clicking or tapping. To avoid clashes, verify that the selectable.key and pannable.key values are different.

The supported values are:

  • none—Renders no activation key. The visual selection is disabled.
  • ctrl—The activation key will be Ctrl.
  • shift—The activation key will be Shift.
  • alt—The activation key will be Alt.

selectable-multiple Boolean

Specifies if the multiple selection will be enabled.

selectable-stroke-color String

Defines the selection stroke color. Accepts valid CSS colors.

selectable-stroke-dash-type String

Defines the selection dash type.

The supported dash types are:

  • dash—A line that consists of dashes.
  • dashDot—A line that consists of a repeating dash-dot pattern.
  • dot—A line that consists of dots.
  • longDash—A line that consists of a repeating long-dash pattern.
  • longDashDot—A line that consists of a repeating long-dash-dot pattern.
  • longDashDotDot—A line that consists of a repeating long-dash-dot-dot.
  • solid—A solid line.

selectable-stroke-width Number

Defines the selection stroke width.