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Stock Charts

  • Analyze Historical Stock Prices

    Kendo UI Stock Chart is a combination of Line and Candlestick charts representing historical stock prices. The Low and High prices of the stock for the period are represented by the bottom and top values of the vertical line, while the Open and Close prices are represented by the bottom and top values of the candlestick bar. The rise or fall of the Open and Close prices is indicated by the color of the candlestick, so you can analyze the data with one quick look.

  • Zoom and Scroll Data Displayed Over Time

    The Data Navigation functionality allows you to zoom and scroll data displayed over a period of time. In a simple and intuitive manner, you can navigate the price movements of financial instruments and concentrate on the data you need.

  • Other Features

    Just like Kendo UI Chart, the Stock Chart has client side rendering, support for local, remote or grouped data binding, support for a number of data types, simple to customize look and feel, multiple axes support, MVVM and Client API, build in themes, mobile support and cross browser support.

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