Sample HTML/JS Applications

Built With Telerik Kendo UI® Widgets and Framework Features


The sample apps are showcases you can reference to see what you can accomplish with Telerik Kendo UI.

Built with Kendo UI Widgets and Framework Features, the sample applications demonstrate the pure power of HTML5 and JavaScript that Kendo UI puts in your hands, regardless of the platform or device.


Kendo UI SPA and Web employed together for stunning image gallery visualization.

Widgets and Framework Components Used:

Aeroviewr Kendo UI Sample App

Bootstrap Kendo UI Sample App


This sample app illustrates how to use Kendo UI Web and Bootstrap together, making use of responsive layout and CSS. Use the configuration options provided to see it in action.

Widgets and Framework Components Used:

Web Sushi

See the power of the Kendo UI Single Page Application framework and how it allows you to build apps with a minimal amount of code.

Widgets and Framework Components Used:

SushiWeb Kendo UI Sample App

SushiMobile Kendo UI Sample App

Mobile Sushi

Full-blown mobile application for making sushi orders, which automatically adapts to the mobile platform/device (iOS, Android, BlackBerry or WP8) on which it’s accessed. Try on multiple devices to experience our Kendo UI Mobile adaptive rendering.

Widgets and Framework Components Used: