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  • Overview

    The Kendo UI Mobile ListView widget is used to display a flat or grouped list of items. It can be used with standard HTML, enhancing elements such as an unordered list (<ul>), or bound to data via a Kendo UI DataSource. Enjoy endless scrolling with a native feel in your hybrid mobile apps. Other features of this HTML5 widget include: editing, pull to refresh, hierarchical data binding and more.

  • Insert, Update and Delete

    Users can quickly create, update, or delete data, with full control over the interface, letting you completely customize your forms.

  • Client-Side Binding and Templates

    Bind your list view to different client objects or web services using pure client-side templates and achieve unbelievable performance.

  • Sorting, Paging, Grouping, Selection

    Allow your users to quickly page through the data, easily sort across all fields, and select single or multiple items. Load more items to your list with “pull to refresh” or “press to load more” functionality end-users are accustomed to through popular apps like Facebook.

  • Server-Side Data Binding

    Bind your list view using declarative data source controls or to any server-side data source.

  • Three Templates Right Out-of-the-Box

    Define the overall look and layout of each item through the built-in support for templates.

  • Filtering

    Provide users the ability to quickly search through your data. Use the intuitive API for creating complex searches, or filter local data when in virtual mode.  

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