Progress Kendo UI

jQuery GanttChart

  • Manage and Visualize Project Data Planning

    Progress Kendo UI Gantt Chart is a complex project management tool, especially useful for visualizing tasks which are a part of a project management cycle. The widget provides treelist and timeline views so that end user can see at a glance a project’s start/end date, tasks progress, dependencies between tasks, milestones and other components of a project.
  • Timeline View

    Kendo UI Gantt timeline can display its tasks in different "views". The following views are supported: day, week, or month. End-users can manipulate the views in multiple ways – the tasks can be dragged to change their start/end dates and dependencies with other tasks. The Timeline view is very intuitive letting end-users scan quickly through the progress of the whole project or separate tasks.
  • Treelist View

    The TreeList View is able to present hierarchy data with details in columns.  The columns in the treelist section of the Kendo UI Gantt can be individually configured. A column can be editable or sortable, the developer can specify its width and the format of data to be displayed. All changes made in the Treelist view of Kendo UI Gantt Chart are immediately reflected in the Timeline.

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