Kendo UI FAQ

  • How will my participation in Kendo UI Premium Forums discussions effect my support package?
  • I've depleted my support package. What can I do if I want to start new Premium Forum threads or post in old threads?
  • Where can I give public feedback about Kendo UI tools? StackOverflow only allows questions.
  • Where are the Kendo UI “free” forums?
  • Didn’t Kendo UI have free Public Forums? Are you reducing support for Kendo UI?
  • Why are you using StackOverflow for Kendo UI community forums?
  • What are the benefits of using Kendo UI Premium Forums?
  • What are the Kendo UI Premium Forums?
  • What is the "correct" way to submit a support issue?
  • I am a commercial license Kendo UI customer. Where should I post my public Kendo UI questions?
  • How do you gain access to the Kendo UI Premium Forums?
  • I own an expired Kendo UI trial/commercial license. Will I continue to have access to the Premium Forums?
  • My question isn’t answered here. Now what?
  • Can I still access all the content in Premium Forums?
  • Can I get help from the Kendo UI team if I don’t own a commercial license and post on StackOverflow?