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Next generation HTML5

It's time to rethink the limits of HTML. If you think HTML is about browsers and websites, think again. With Chrome Packaged Apps, HTML and JavaScript can be used to create apps that rival native apps on any platform- Mac, Windows, and Linux. Packaged Apps give your JavaScript access to premium APIs not available to traditional websites, and the ability to run apps completely free from the browser.

Kendo UI + Chrome Packaged Apps is the future of "desktop" apps, written in HTML and JavaScript, ready to run anywhere!

Chrome Packaged Apps
Case in point:

Chrome Camera App built with Kendo UI

Kendo UI partnered with Google to build an app that showcases the power of Chrome Packaged Apps and Kendo UI. The Chrome Camera App lets users have fun taking self-shots with a webcam on any computer, like the new Chromebook. The app uses the Kendo UI framework and takes advantage of the powerful APIs exposed to Packaged Apps to build an app experience that is fast, fun, and full-featured.

You can try the app for yourself on any Chrome OS device, where the Camera App is installed by default by Google, or you can download the complete app source from GitHub.

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Download and read the complete "Building Packaged Apps with Kendo UI" guide [ PDF ]

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