Community & Support

Something does not work as you expect? Stuck in a complex scenario? Get the necessary help!

How do I…?

  1. Check out the Kendo UI Builder Documentation to find basic concepts and in-depth documentation resources.
  2. Look through the Kendo UI Builder forums and search for an answer there. If you cannot find one, feel free to start your own thread.
  3. Use our official support ticketing channel and submit a support ticket.

When do yu plan on releasing Feature X?

  1. Check the Roadmap page for the items we have planned to tackle next.
  2. If the feature you need is not on our roadmap, check our feedback portal. If someone has already posted an item there you can vote and comment on it. If nobody has requested the feature so far you can post a new idea.

I think I found a bug

If you believe that you've found a bug we'd love to hear it! Please use the official support ticketing system to get assistance.

I want to report a bug

The best place to report a bug is to report it within our support ticketing system.

I need more help or a tailor-made solution

Our goal is to make Kendo UI Builder as intuitive as possible. However, there may be times where you need additional help, guidance, or customize Kendo UI Builder further.

The Progress Services team is always available to assist with training, application building, or anything else you might need. They will help you make the most out of your Kendo UI Builder projects while freein you to work on the real business problems.