Kendo UI Builder

Kendo UI. Supercharged.

Perform rapid prototyping by quickly scaffolding new Angular and AngularJS apps. Reuse existing templates or add new components to your workspace and easily configure them

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Increase Productivity

Create rapid prototypes for quick application scaffolding to jumpstart your Angular or AngularJS development. Increase the productivity of your existing code-based design flow by easily adding complex UI components to your design.


Enhanced User Experience

Easily add UI components from the Kendo UI library to provide advanced features for your users. From complex data grids and charts to basic buttons and gauges. Deliver consistently higher user satisfaction across all of your web apps.


Leverage Design Reuse

Create application templates that let you share and reuse design structures. Use existing templates from our library or develop your own and deploy across your development teams to enable consistency and reuse.


Data Connectivity

Built-in support for Generic REST, OData, and JSDO allows easy data source integration. Menu driven configuration tools let you quickly and easily connect data sources to the complex data components in your app. Take the work out of client/server data communications!


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