Kendo UI Builder

Fast and Easy DesignOps
for Developers and Designers

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Fast and Easy
Visual Design 

The first tool of its kind to integrate drag-and-drop layout of visual  application blocks plus  automatic app scaffolding  

Fast and Easy
Code Reuse 

Create application templates so you can easily share and reuse design structures across your enterprise


Fast and Easy

Transform design and development collaboration by providing rapid prototyping and fast design iterations

Transforming Design & Development

Drag and Drop Design 

Visual design canvas with easy drag-and-drop component instantiation 


Flexible Templates

Menu-driven customizable templates for easy implementation of your look and feel



Automatic Scaffolding 

Instantly create readable, working JavaScript code from your high level design 


Data Source Integration 

Built-in wizards for Generic REST, OData, and JSDO specification allows easy data source integration.  


Application Block Library 

Create, share, and reuse complex design structures with high level technology-independant template blocks that can be easily added to any app project 


Advanced Components 

Includes the extensive Kendo UI library of components to get your app started 


Easy Implementation 

Integration with your existing design environments and tools means worry-free deployment  


Retarget technology 

Future-proof your development by easily re-targeting for new technologies and frameworks 


The Solution for Collaboration

For Designers 

Today you create a design, hand it off to development, and wait for a prototype for feedback. And if you need to make changes - start all over again. Kendo UI Builder solves all that by transforming your design flow! 

  • Import from the familiar design tools you already use like Sketch
  • Use your app design to directly drive the development process 
  • Quickly build working prototypes to validate the app implementation
  • Easily drive common design elements across multiple projects 

For Developers 

You spend time adding components, working to get the layout right, and connecting data sources. What if you want to re-use elements on a new project? Kendo UI Builder makes that all a snap!

  • Export to popular IDEs like Visual Studio Code, Atom, and WebStorm 
  • Use the design work to directly drive your component layouts 
  • Automatically scaffold your app for popular web technologies like Angular
  • Create application blocks to reuse elements across multiple projects  

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