React Server Data Grid

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  • Overview

    The KendoReact Server Data Grid component is an experimental implementation of a grid that harnesses the powerful React Server Components capabilities. Its exceptional quality lies in its flexibility, enabling a seamless blend between server-side and client-side operations—all while adapting to the specific needs of your application.  

    See the React Server Grid Overview demo  

    React Server Grid-Overview
  • Data Binding

    One of the key benefits of the KendoReact Server Grid is the ability to start rendering the component even before obtaining the data. You can bind the component to async data like a promise, an API call or a serverless function, such as the Vercel Postgres.  

    See the React Server Grid Data Binding demo 

    React Server Grid Data Binding
  • Data Operations

    The KendoReact Server Grid facilitates fundamental data operations, such as filtering, sorting and paging, which can be performed either on the client side or the server side. By using hybrid data operations (combining both client- and server-side operations), you can easily define whether specific actions should occur on the server or on the client, giving you greater control over the component’s performance.  

    See the React Server Grid Data Operations demo 

    React Server Grid Filtering
  • Editing

    The Server Grid component provides powerful data editing capabilities, offering flexible configuration options. Based on your specific requirements, you can easily customize the functionality in multiple ways. Editing can be initiated from anywhere inside the grid and supports the following options: 

    • Row editing – enables you to modify an entire row by using the edit button within the row  

    • Cell editing – enables you to edit a single field of the data item (e.g., price or in-stock units) by double-clicking on it  

    See the React Server Grid Editing demo 

    React Server Grid - Editing
  • Customization

    With the KendoReact Server Grid, you have the flexibility to tailor its UI by passing custom components into its content:  

    • DataCell – enables you to customize grid data cells  

    • DataRow – enables you to customize grid data rows  

    See the React Server Grid Customization demo 

    React Server Data Grid - Customization
  • Columns

    Customize grid columns with flexible configuration options, including the flexibility to configure individual features, such as locked (frozen) columns, filterable and sortable columns and more. 

    See the React Server Grid Columns demo 

    React Server Data Grid - Columns
  • Globalization

    The KendoReact Server Grid supports internationalization and localization options, enabling you to adapt the grid content to specific cultures (e.g., language, date and time formatting, RTL support and more). 

    See the React Server Grid Globalization demo    


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