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Forms are high risk/high reward, so it’s important for us, as developers, to approach them well prepared. Learn the steps to building great React forms.


How can we get a quick and dirty design system MVP (Minimum Viable Product) up and running, with minimal time investment, to prove the benefits? We start with the KendoReact Figma Kits!


How do you make a React table (data grid) component accessible? Read this blog post for a comprehensive tutorial by one of our most experienced software engineers and accessibility experts. Don’t worry if you’re new to the topic—we’ll start with defining what web accessibility is and go from there!

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A tutorial with tons of examples that answers the question “What are React hooks?”

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Sure, you could just use the default, un-stylable HTML calendar, but why—when you could have a smoother UX, a set of beautiful pre-made themes, ...


With the KendoReact UI component library, you don’t have to hunt down yet another external library when you need to add data visualization ...


Explore common usage scenarios of the different views you get out-of-the-box with the React Scheduler available in the KendoReact UI library.

Watch the ...


What are the five key features you get out-of-the-box with the React DateTimePicker available in the KendoReact UI library?

One of seven beautiful, ...


If you’re looking for a great React Rich Text Editor component, you’ve found one that should definitely be on your shortlist: the KendoReact Editor. ...


Adding a form to your React app shouldn't be difficult, right? Well, if you’ve passed through that initial optimism and are now looking for ...

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To speed up your onboarding, we’ve created a series of training videos, delivered by technical experts. Available with a trial or commercial KendoReact license.

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In his crisp and easy-to-follow style, TJ VanToll walks you through the different steps of building a responsive Bootstrap-themed Stocks Portfolio application with React.


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React Wednesdays Show

React Wednesdays is a weekly chat show with the best and brightest from the React world, hosted by TJ VanToll. While we won't be airing new shows for some time as we focus on participating in live dev events, you can always check out the 60+ episode recordings available on demand. That's a real treasure of conversations with React experts waiting to be discovered!

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“If we use the KendoReact Data Grid component (and friends), we get an absolute ton of extra features, any one of which is non-trivial to pull off nicely, and all together make for an extremely compelling solution.” Chris Coyier, CSS Tricks.


If you’re looking for a React Form library, this list is a good place to start. Peter Mbanugo has included code snippets and example syntax for each library and talks about the key differences between them.


In this Smashing Magazine piece, you will see what groundbreaking things you can achieve with modern JavaScript grids and discover new ways to make a data grid engaging, responsive, and accessible. All illustrated using the Kendo UI Data Grids.