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The React PDF Generator (PDF Processing) enables you to export a selection of or the entire content of a web page to a PDF file - whether the website is built with KendoReact or any other UI library, including custom-built (internal) components.

With it, you can scale the content to better fit on the page, customize the paper size, change the page orientation, work with templates and use many others features that provide extensive control over the exported PDF file.

See React PDF Generator Overview demo

React PDF Generator - Overview, KendoReact UI Library

Multi-Page Content

With the KendoReact PDF Generator component there are several configuration options to help around generating PDF files that span multiple pages. This includes manually inserting page breaks, letting the library automatically insert page breaks, preventing page breaks in elements and providing templates for the exported content.

See React PDF Generator Multi-Page Content demo

React PDF Generator - Multi-Page Content, KendoReact UI Library

Repeated Table Headers

When rendering HTML tables to PDF, the React PDF Generator component can create repeatable headers throughout all generated PDF pages.

See React PDF Generator Repeated Table Headers demo

React PDF Generator - Repeated Table Headers, KendoReact UI Library

Hidden Content

The KendoReact PDF Generator library can generate content in a PDF file which was otherwise not visible in the source content.

See React PDF Generator Hidden Content demo

By default, all hyperlinks in a PDF document generated by the KendoReact PDF Processing component are clickable.

See React PDF Generator Hyperlinks demo

React PDF Processing - Hyperlinks, KendoReact UI Library

Image Resolution

Images exported with the KendoReact PDF Processing component use the original resolution. This may not be ideal for images with large resolutions. This is why the React PDF Processing library can set a desired image resolution that all images will adhere to.

See React PDF Generator Image Resolution demo

React PDF Processing - Image Resolution, KendoReact UI Library

Styling Content

The KendoReact PDF Processing component allows for developers to change the appearance of the content that is about to be exported, allowing for CSS to be applied to content to create a unique look and feel for the exported PDF file.

See React PDF Generator Styling Content demo

Base64 Strings

Thanks to integration with the KendoReact Drawing library, any PDF generated by the KendoReact PDF Processing library can be used to create a Base64 string.

See React PDF Generator Base64 Strings demo

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