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Represents the props of the KendoReact Icon component.



Specifies a list of CSS classes that will be added to the root DOM element.



Specifies the icon flip direction.

The possible values are:

  • default (Default)No flipping applied.
  • horizontalFlips the icon in horizontal direction.
  • verticalFlips the icon in vertical direction.
  • bothFlips the icon in both horizontal and vertical directions.



Represents the name of the icon.



Specifies the size of the icon.

The possible values are:

  • default (Default)Font-size: 16px; Width: 16px; Height: 16px.
  • xsmallFont-size: 8px; Width: 8px; Height: 8px.
  • smallFont-size: 12px; Width: 12px; Height: 12px.
  • mediumFont-size: 32px; Width: 32px; Height: 32px.
  • largeFont-size: 48px; Width: 48px; Height: 48px.
  • xlargeFont-size: 64px; Width: 64px; Height: 64px.

You can use the style prop to apply custom font size to the icon.



Sets additional CSS styles to the icon.



Specifies the theme color of the Icon.

The possible values are:

  • inherit (Default)Applies coloring based on the current color.
  • primary Applies coloring based on primary theme color.
  • secondaryApplies coloring based on secondary theme color.
  • tertiary Applies coloring based on tertiary theme color.
  • infoApplies coloring based on info theme color.
  • success Applies coloring based on success theme color.
  • warning Applies coloring based on warning theme color.
  • error Applies coloring based on error theme color.
  • dark Applies coloring based on dark theme color.
  • light Applies coloring based on light theme color.
  • inverse Applies coloring based on inverse theme color.

If the property is not set, the icon inherits the color from its parent.

You can use the style prop to apply custom color related properties to the icon.

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