Limitations and Browser Support

Due to its implementation specifics, the PDF export has certain limitations.

Known Limitations

The limitations of the PDF export affect its:

General Behavior

  • The drawing of HTML elements does not support right-to-left (RTL) texts.
  • KendoReact widgets for jQuery that are used to visualize data, such as Charts and Gauges, are not processed. To export pages that include DataViz controls, use the drawDOM configuration.
  • If the source of an image is an SVG document, it is not exported in Internet Explorer.
  • The export of vertically aligned elements might not work well with automatic page-breaking.
  • Browser zoom level that is different from 100% is not supported.
  • Shadow DOM is not rendered.
  • The PDF 1.5 specification limits the maximum document size to 5080mm x 5080mm (200 x 200 inches). Larger files might not open in some viewers.
  • The maximum file size of the exported document has a system- and browser-specific limit. For large documents, it is highly recommended that you use a server-side solution.

Elements and Styles

  • The content of the <iframe> and <svg> elements is not processed.
  • The rendering of the <select> elements is approximate and leads to minor possible issues such as wrong padding or a missing drop-down arrow. It is recommended that you use the KendoReact DropDownList component instead of a plain <select> element.
  • Only the solid border style is rendered.
  • The border-collapse:collapse style of tables is not supported. To prevent double borders in the PDF output, avoid using adjacent borders for separate table cells.
  • The box-shadow, text-shadow, and radial CSS gradients are omitted. The linear gradients are supported.
  • Elements with position: fixed are not displayed in the output and are skipped over by the algorithm.
  • Vertical texts which use the vertical-rl or vertical-lr values of the writing-mode property are not exported.

Cross-Origin Resources

  • Images that are hosted on different domains will be rendered only if the server provides permissive Cross-Origin HTTP headers. Similarly, fonts might not be loaded across domains. Even with the proper CORS headers, Internet Explorer 9 is not able to load images or fonts from another domain and might raise a security exception. If your application supports Internet Explorer 9, make sure that you host images and fonts on the same domain as the application.
  • A <canvas> will be rendered as an image only if it is not tainted, that is, only if it does not display images from another domain.

Supported Browsers

The Kendo UI PDF generator is tested and supported in the following desktop browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 9 and later.
  • Latest Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Blink-based Opera versions.

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