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This website hosts native Kendo UI components, built from the ground up with the ultimate performance in mind, intended to be used in the React ecosystem.

Localization Overview

The localization is a process that adapts a component to a different locale by providing options for translating its messages or by enabling its right-to-left support.

Translation of Messages

Kendo UI for React ships ready-to-use translations for common locales. These translations are used to populate Internationalization message files.

RTL Support

Right-to-Left (RTL) support represents the ability of a library, website, or application to handle and respond to users who communicate through right-to-left languages. Right-to-left languages are Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, and others.

By default, the RTL mode is disabled. In web applications, the RTL mode is enabled through the dir attribute of a DOM element. To enable the RTL mode for all Kendo UI components in your React application, set a text direction value to the root element of the application. You can also limit the RTL mode to a part of the application by providing the dir property to a Kendo UI React component.

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