Represents the props of the KendoReact ChartNavigatorSeriesNotes component.

icon? SeriesNotesIcon

The icon of the notes.

label? SeriesNotesLabel

The label of the notes.

line? NoteLine

The line of the series notes.

position? NotePosition

The position of the series note.

The available options are:

  • "top"—The note is positioned on the top.
  • "bottom"—The note is positioned on the bottom.
  • "left"—The note is positioned on the left.
  • "right"—The note is positioned on the right.

visual? (e: SeriesNoteVisualArgs) => Element

A function for creating a custom visual for the notes.

The available argument fields are:

  • rect—The geometry Rect that defines the note target rect.
  • options—The note options.
  • createVisual—A function that can be used to get the default visual.
  • category—The category of the note point.
  • dataItem—The dataItem of the note point.
  • value—The value of the note point.
  • sender—The Chart instance.
  • series—The series of the note point.
  • text—The note text.