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Icon SplitButton

You can enhance the textual content of the SplitButton by adding image, predefined, or custom icons to it.

With a view to the web standards, it is better to use a background image because icons are used for decoration and not for representing structural content.

The SplitButton provides options for:

  • Using the built-in KendoReact icons. They are applied through the icon property and displayed as a background for the SplitButton. To see the full list of the web font icons in KendoReact, refer to the article on styles and layout.
  • Adding FontAwesome and other font icons. They are implemented by setting the required third-party CSS classes through the iconClass property.
  • Adding image icons. They are applied through the imageUrl property of the component.

The following example demonstrates how to use the different types of icons in a SplitButton.

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="">
    const iconItems = [{text: 'Save as'}, {text: 'Upload to drive', icon: 'upload'}];
    const iconClassItems = [
        {text: 'Reply all', iconClass: 'fa fa-mail-reply-all fa-fw'},
        {text: 'Forward', iconClass: 'fa fa-mail-forward fa-fw'},
        {text: 'Reply & delete'}
    const imageItems = [{text: 'Save as'}, {text: 'Upload to drive', icon: 'upload'}];
    const imageUrl = "";
    class ButtonContainer extends React.Component {
        render() {
            return (
                <div className="row example-wrapper">
                  <div className="col-xs-12 col-sm-6 example-col">
                    <p>KendoReact font icon</p>
                    <SplitButton items={iconItems} icon="save" text="Save" />
                    <SplitButton items={iconItems} icon="save" />
                  <div className="col-xs-12 col-sm-6 example-col">
                    <p>FontAwеsome icon</p>
                    <SplitButton items={iconClassItems} iconClass="fa fa-mail-reply fa-fw" text="Reply" />
                    <SplitButton items={iconClassItems} iconClass="fa fa-mail-reply fa-fw" />
                  <div className="col-xs-12 col-sm-6 example-col">
                    <p>Image icon</p>
                    <SplitButton items={imageItems} imageUrl={imageUrl} text="Save" />
                    <SplitButton items={imageItems} imageUrl={imageUrl} />

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