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Rendering Modes

The Barcodes support two modes for rendering—Canvas (bitmap) and SVG (vector graphics).

By default, the Barcodes uses SVG rendering. You can select a rendering mode by setting the BarcodeProps.renderAs and QRCodeProps.renderAs props.

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When to Use SVG

The default SVG rendering mode is recommended for general use.

Using vector graphics ensures that:

  • The browser zoom does not degrade the image.
  • The prints are crisp regardless of the resolution.

When to Use Canvas

When performance is critical, for example, when rendering large pages, it is recommended to use the Canvas rendering mode.

The browser does not have to maintain a live DOM tree for the Chart, which results in:

  • Quicker screen updates.
  • Lower memory usage.

On the downside, rendering to a fixed resolution bitmap results in:

  • Blurry images on zoom.
  • Poor print quality.

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