Powerful, Ready-to-use Data Grid


UI for React Developers

Web UI for business apps made easy with our native React Grid – KendoReact

Increase your productivity and reduce development time with a grid designed and built specifically for React—zero external dependencies.

A grid focused on performance with features such as virtualization of rows and columns.

Easily configure paging, sorting, filtering, groping, and editing.

Business-ready with features such as accessibility, localization and globalization.

Performant and Feature-Rich Data Grid for React

The KendoReact Grid is one of the fastest data grids for React, chock-full of features, and backed by our legendary support. It’s part of the KendoReact library of UI components, purpose-built for React

  • Super Customizable

    Many rendering aspects of the KendoReact Grid can be customized. Whether it’s through configuration options or creating templates to let cells change style based on their data – it can be handled with just a few lines of code.

  • Page, Sort, Filter, and Group Data

    Let users slice and dice their data by providing the UI to do paging, single or multi-column sorting, filtering, or grouping, all through quick configuration options.

  • CRUD Operations

    Enable Create, Read, Update and Delete operations on any data set. Editing can be done in-cell, in-row, or through an external form. Take advantage of the built-in form elements or integrate libraries such as Redux forms.

  • Column Interactions

    Users can easily reorder, resize, and freeze (lock) columns. Additional column interactions are available with column menus and spanning (multi-column) headers.

  • PDF & Excel Export

    Leveraging the KendoReact Excel and PDF export libraries, the KendoReact Grid can easily be exported to Excel or PDF files. Configure whether you need to export the current data in view, or the entire data set.

Get started with KendoReact and cut down on the development time of your React apps

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  • 80+ (and growing) professional UI components for React, including the Grid
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