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UI for React Developers

Are you building complex UI with React against a tight deadline?

Stop reinventing the wheel and start using KendoReact to increase your productivity and reduce development time.

Designed and built specifically for React,
zero dependencies.

Manage state your way or use
state management libraries such as Redux.

Integrated with design languages such as
Twitter Bootstrap and Google’s Material Design.

Augments your existing UI stack:
KendoReact plays well with other UI components.

60+ Professional-Grade UI Components for React

KendoReact supports a rich library of React UI components, and we are adding more all the time

  • Grid

    Take advantage of a data grid that enables crucial functionality such as paging, sorting, filtering, grouping, and virtualization for data intensive scenarios.

  • DatePicker

    The DatePicker component provides an intuitive interface for selecting a date from a calendar displayed within a popup.

  • Charts

    The data visualization libraries included in KendoReact cover various types of charts and gauges – all of which can be configured with just a few lines of code.

  • ThemeBuilder

    The KendoReact ThemeBuilder enables quick editing of color schema and design for any of the KendoReact themes – Default, Bootstrap, or Material.

  • PDF & Excel Export

    KendoReact comes with client-side frameworks for PDF and Excel generation. These are integrated into the KendoReact componentsbut can also be used with any React UI components.

Get started with KendoReact and cut down on the development time of your React apps

With your free 30-day trial, you will access:

  • 60+ (and growing) professional UI components for React
  • A library designed and built specifically for React, with zero dependencies
  • Our legendary support, with 93% customer satisfaction rating