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Localization Support

The following table lists the Kendo UI components for Angular in terms of the custom message translation and right-to-left support (RTL) they provide.

Component Custom Messages RTL support
AutoComplete n/a Yes
Button n/a Yes
ButtonGroup n/a Yes
Calendar Yes n/a
Chart n/a Yes
ComboBox n/a Yes
DateInput Yes n/a
DatePicker Yes n/a
Dialog n/a Yes
DropDownButton n/a Yes
DropDownList n/a Yes
Grid Yes Yes
MaskedTextBox n/a Yes
MultiSelect n/a Yes
NumericTextBox Yes Yes
PanelBar n/a Yes
ScrollView n/a Yes
Slider Yes Yes
Sortable n/a Yes
Sparklines n/a Yes
SplitButton n/a Yes
StockChart n/a Yes
Switch Yes Yes
TabStrip n/a Yes
TimePicker Yes n/a
Upload Yes Yes
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