Represents the Kendo UI FloatingLabel component for Angular.
Provides floating labels to input elements.

The FloatingLabel supports both Template and Reactive Forms and
can contain Kendo UI for Angular Input components such as kendo-combobox and kendo-numerictextbox,
or HTML Input elements with the kendoTextBox directive applied

  selector: 'my-app',
  template: `
    <kendo-floatinglabel text="First name">
      <input [(ngModel)]="name" kendoTextBox />
class AppComponent {
    public name = 'John';



Export Name

Accessible in templates as #kendoFloatingLabelInstance="kendoFloatingLabel"


id string

Sets the id attribute of the input inside the floating label.

optional boolean

Allows marking a form field as optional. By default renders the Optional text when enabled.
The text can be customized by providing a custom message (see example).

The default value is false

text string

Specifies the text content of the floating label which describes the input.