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Displaying Loading Indicator when Exporting Hidden Grid to PDF


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How can I display a loading indicator while exporting a hidden Grid to a PDF document?


You can export a hidden Grid when the PDF needs to contain different data from the one rendered on the page. When you export a hidden Grid to PDF, the built-in loading indicator is not visible.

To display a loading indicator over the visible Grid:

  1. Create a custom button that will export the hidden Grid.

  2. In the click handler, provide a reference to the Grid that needs to be exported and display the loading indicator.

    public exportToPDF(grid: GridComponent): void {
      this.loading = true;
      // ...
  3. Call the saveAsPDF method of the provided Grid instance. =>
        setTimeout(() => {
          this.loading = false;

The following example demonstrates the suggested implementation in action.

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