Represents the Kendo UI Button component for Angular.



Export Name

Accessible in templates as #kendoButtonInstance="kendoButton"


look ButtonLook

Changes the visual appearance by using alternative styling options
(more information and examples).

The available values are:

  • flat
  • outline

primary boolean

Adds visual weight to the Button and makes it primary.

tabIndex number

Specifies the tabIndex of the component.

toggleable boolean

Provides visual styling that indicates if the Button is active.
By default, toggleable is set to false.

disabled boolean

If set to true, it disables the Button.

icon string

Defines the name for an existing icon in a Kendo UI theme.
The icon is rendered inside the Button by a span.k-icon element.

iconClass string

Defines a CSS class—or multiple classes separated by spaces—
which are applied to a span element inside the Button. Allows the usage of custom icons.

imageUrl string

Defines a URL which is used for an img element inside the Button.
The URL can be relative or absolute. If relative, it is evaluated with relation to the web page URL.

selected boolean

Sets the selected state of the Button.


selectedChange EventEmitter

Fires each time the selected state of a toggleable button is changed.

The event argument is the new selected state (boolean).



Blurs the Button component.


Focuses the Button component.