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JSP TextBox

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  • Overview

    The standard HTML input element is a bit lacking but with the Telerik UI for JSP TextBox you get a feature-complete textbox which can serve you in any situation. It is compatible with the entire world thanks support RTL languages, Keyboard Navigation and ARIA but also ease to style and make your own. 
  • RTL Support

    The TextBox works equally well for RTL languages (like Hebrew and Arabic) and LTR languages so you would never have to fix a bug caused by someone typed a word you never expected.
    Telerik UI for JSP TextBox RTL
  • Floating Labels

    Floating labels can be a nightmare to implement but with the Telerik UI for JSP TextBox you only need to set the value of a single attribute and you are done. Who said Material design is hard?
    Telerik UI for JSP Floating Labels
  • Keyboard Navigation and Accessibility

    Make all of your users feel equally at home when using your app by using a TextBox that works for everyone. The Telerik UI for JSP TextBox works without a mouse just as well as with one and is fully ARIA compatible in order to be accessible to any user.
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