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  • Keyboard Support

    The Telerik Kendo UI Scheduler allows your users to use the keyboard for almost any action they can trigger with the mouse, including navigating to a different view, traversing the visible appointments, creating a new item, opening an existing item and more.

  • Time Zones

    No matter the time zone your users are in, they will always see their tasks in their local time. No discrepancies will arise, even if your users work in different time zones and share appointments.

  • Data Binding: local JavaScript array or remote service

    Bind Kendo UI Scheduler to the data source that best matches the needs of your project. The control supports everything from an array of JavaScript objects, any data source component, Web service, WCF service, and OData, to your own custom providers.

  • Support for Variety of Appointment Views

    Allow your users to view their tasks in the most convenient for them way – Day, Multi-day, Week, Work Week, Month, Timeline and Agenda views are available out of the box in the Telerik Kendo UI Scheduler. You can also easily customize the appearance of each view to match it to your scenario.

  • Multiple Resources and Resource Grouping

    With the Telerik Kendo UI Scheduling control your users can easily book resources associated with their appointments, such as rooms and equipment. They can also group appointments by these resources or group the resources themselves by date in order to quickly check their availability.

  • Customizable Appointment Edit Capabilities

    Give your users the freedom to insert or edit tasks either inline or via the advanced editor which allows them to add descriptions, set recurrence, associate resources and much more. Both editing options are easily customizable.

  • Hierarchical Grouping

    Hierarchical grouping is now available in the Telerik UI for  JSP Scheduler, enabling users to easily group resources associated with their appointments (e.g., multiple people scheduling events in a single room). 

    Telerik UI for JSP Scheduler Hierarchical Grouping
  • Year View

    The Telerik UI for JSP Scheduler now supports a year view, allowing users to display appointments within a twelve-month period. Each day highlights one event alongside a visual cue for multiple events, prompting the user to expand the day view to be able to see all the events scheduled for that day.

    Telerik UI for JSP Scheduler Year View
  • Display 24h Events as Regular Events

    The Scheduler control allows users to display 24h events as regular events along the day view instead of in the dedicated "all day" area. This behavior can be easily achieved by using the appointment handle to drag and adjust the duration of an event.  

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