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JSP GanttChart

  • Display a set of tasks and dependencies used to visualize project-planning data with the Telerik UI for JSP Gantt Chart.
  • Part of the Telerik UI for JSP library along with 100+ professionally-designed components.
  • Includes support, documentation, demos and more!
  • Manage and Visualize Project Data Planning

    The Telerik UI for JSP GanttChart is a complex project management tool, especially useful for visualizing tasks which are a part of a project management cycle. TheJSP GanttChart component provides treelist and timeline views so that the end users can see the project start / end date, tasks progress, dependencies between tasks, milestones and other components of a project at a glance.

    See the Telerik UI for JSP Gantt Chart demo

    JSP Gantt-Overview-Header-551x350
  • Effortlessly edit the task fields via a built-in popup editing form for more convenience. The popup editing displays a collection of five tabs with editable task-related content:

    • General tab allows users to edit the title, completion ratio and start and end dates of a given task, as well as change the parent task.
    • Resources tab enables you to add or remove resources to a given task.
    • Predecessors tab displays the list of all predecessor dependencies for a certain task. The edit mode allows the user to update a dependency's starting task, create a new dependency or remove an existing one.
    • Successors tab displays a list of all successor dependencies for a certain task. The edit mode enables the user to update a dependency's finishing task, create a new dependency or remove an existing one.
    • Other tab allows users to update the Task ID and add or remove a Team Lead.

    See the Telerik UI for JSP Gantt editing demo

    JSP Gantt-PopupEditEnhancements (1)
  • Treelist View

    Leverage the TreeList View of the JSP Gantt Chart to present details of hierarchy data in columns. The columns in the treelist section of the JSP Gantt can be individually configured. A column can be editable or sortable, the developer can specify its width and the format of data to be displayed.

    See the Telerik UI for JSP Gantt columns demo


    JSP Gantt-Column-Resizing
  • Timeline View

    The JSP Gantt Timeline can display the specific tasks in different "views". It supports day, week, or month views, allowing end-users to manipulate them in multiple ways. The Timeline view is very intuitive allowing end-users to scan quickly through the progress of the whole project, or separate tasks.

    JSP Gantt-YearView-Jan18
  • Column Templates

    The JSP Gantt column templates feature will let you render any type of content you may need, not just plain text. Whether is it images, links, or formatted multi-line description – all is possible.

    JSP Gantt-Task-Templates
  • Planned vs. Actual

    Planning only matter if the plan corresponds to the actual time spent on the task. This is why the JSP Gantt component has a feature to generate a comparison between planned tasks time vs. their actual execution time. Project managers will be very interested in tracking this comparison and measuring how their team lives to expectations.

    JSP Gantt-Planned-vs-Actual
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