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Hello Supports,

I want to try and install Nuget packages Telerik.Reporting.Services.AspNetCore for my Core project but it isn't found.

when I go to the option "Manage Nuget packages", these are no available the packages to download (see the attached file).
Is it missing from the private nuget feed ?

Thank You.


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 answered on 21 Jan 2022
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I have a set of data with a timestamp that changes with the order of milliseconds. I would like to add in my report a Line chart (or similar) showing the data as a function of the timestime. Unfortunately it appears that the LineChart allows you to lower the base unit only to seconds and not milliseconds. 

Is there any way to force the millisecond time?

As a workaround I tried two things:

First, to plot the data adding as cathegories the milliseconds, seconds, minutes, and h of the data. It works, but to be honest is not very pretty (see Img0.png)

Alternatively, I also tried to generate a Calculated field where I substract the Timestamp of the data with the First Timestamp, in order to have a time that starts from 0. From this Field, I wanted to manually calculate the milliseconds (adding also seconds, minutes, etc) in order to make a Scatter graph. However the obtained field has some issues. In the dataSource it appears as date, showing it has Minute, Second, etc, but if I try to refer to these subfields it gives me errors. I attached two pictures, one with the error shown if I just make a preview of the two data calculated, the other showing the Calculated Field (note that for the second one I'm simply collecting the Millisecond field). 

Could you please help me with this, maybe with an example? thank you in advance! 

Keep in mind that I would prefer to resolve it within Telerik, without the need to use outside code/calculations.


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 asked on 12 Aug 2022
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Hi there.

I have been looking into a customer request to print multiple copies of a report by default. I don't need to prevent the customer from being able to set the number of copies in the printer dialog, I am only interested in setting the initial/default value for the number of copies:

I found a fairly old thread with a similar query: 

In that thread, the recommendation is to generate a PDF from the report and then to use the Acrobat DC add-on to set the number of copies. Looking at the Adobe website, it seems that most modern browsers no longer support the Acrobat plug-in : 

Is there another way that this can be accomplished?

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 asked on 12 Aug 2022
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Back in 2017 version of Telerik Reporting, I could create a .NET Web API with Telerik Reports where the report viewer is a series of js files that would realize any report I gave it.

In the MVC Model I'd have code (C#) like

        public static Telerik.Reporting.TypeReportSource [Report Source Name]()
            Telerik.Reporting.TypeReportSource oReportSrc = null;

                oReportSrc = new Telerik.Reporting.TypeReportSource();
                oReportSrc.TypeName = typeof(MyReports.[Report Name]).AssemblyQualifiedName;
            catch (SystemException ex)


            return oReportSrc;

In the MVC View (CSHTML) I would have code like

@section scripts
    <script src="ReportViewer/js/telerikReportViewer-[version].js"></script>
    <!--kendo.all.min.js can be used as well instead of kendo.web.min.js and>
    <script src="~/Scripts/kendo/[version]/kendo.web.min.js"></script>

    var typeReportSource = [My App].Models.[Report Source Name] ();   
    typeReportSource.Parameters.Add(new Telerik.Reporting.Parameter("[variable name]", ViewBag..[variable name]));




I'm a bit stymied by all the current examples and logic of Telerik Reporting where it all seems generic (not specific to the actual report) up until the report viewer is HTML containing javascript with hardcoded values specific to a single report (such as report: "Barcodes Report.trdp")

This is tedious and makes the product much less desirable because it (a) forces the developer to know/work with JavaScript and (b) adds an additional layer of complexity and development to every report.

I see the older style js in the install

Program Files (x86)\Progress\Telerik Reporting R2 2022\Html5\ReportViewer\js

Are the any demo/documentation on how to use what i would call the "older style" - for a Web API - where the report and properties are not hardcoded?

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 answered on 11 Aug 2022
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Hello everyone, 

I keep bumping into this issue that if I use conditional format to make something visible it is not working. 

So basically I have tables / texbtoxes etc. that are invisible  and they should become visible if some fields have a certain content. 

It is working if I set the box on visible and then in the condition set it to visible false but not otherwise.

I know that you can use bindings on the visibility but if there is a conditional feature it is far more simple to use that.


I attached an exampel - if you set the parameter to 1 or 0 either of the textboxes should be visible.

(p.s. I attached a trdx file, just renamed the ending.)

Best Regards Alex

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 asked on 11 Aug 2022
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