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Error in Decompile

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Russ asked on 17 Feb 2012, 03:51 PM

  Public ReadOnly Property PreferedLanguage() As String
      If Me.Request.UserLanguages Is Nothing Then
        Return "en-US"
      ElseIf Me.Request.UserLanguages.Length > 0 Then
        Return Me.Request.UserLanguages(0)
        Return "en-US"
      End If
    End Get
  End Property
Exception in: System.
String PreferedLanguage()
Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at ‹.‹.–‹(List`1 intervals)
   at ‹.‹.Œ(ILogicalConstruct child)
   at ‹.‹.•‹(ILogicalConstruct block)
   at ˆ.Ž–.‰()
   at ˆ.Ž–.Process(DecompilationContext context, BlockStatement body)
   at Telerik.JustDecompiler.Decompiler.DecompilationPipeline.Run(MethodBody body, ILanguage language)
   at Telerik.JustDecompiler.Decompiler.Extensions.(DecompilationPipeline pipeline, ILanguage language, MethodBody body, DecompilationContext& context)
   at Telerik.JustDecompiler.Languages.BaseImperativeLanguageWriter.WriteGetMethod(PropertyDefinition property)
   at Telerik.JustDecompiler.Languages.BaseImperativeLanguageWriter.WritePropertyMethods(PropertyDefinition property)
   at Telerik.JustDecompiler.Languages.BaseImperativeLanguageWriter..›.()
   at Telerik.JustDecompiler.Languages.VisualBasic.VisualBasicWriter.WriteBlock(Action action, String label)
   at Telerik.JustDecompiler.Languages.BaseImperativeLanguageWriter.Write(PropertyDefinition property)
   at Telerik.JustDecompiler.Languages.BaseLanguageWriter.Write(IMemberDefinition member, Boolean showCompilerGeneratedMembers)
   at Telerik.JustDecompiler.Languages.BaseLanguageWriter.Write(IMemberDefinition member)
   at Telerik.JustDecompiler.Languages.BaseLanguageWriter.•ƒ(IMemberDefinition member, Boolean isFirstMember)
   at Telerik.JustDecompiler.Languages.BaseLanguageWriter.(TypeDefinition type, Func`3 writeMember, Boolean writeNewLine, Boolean showCompilerGeneratedMembers)
Product version: 2012.1.214.2

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Yordan Dikov
Telerik team
answered on 22 Feb 2012, 01:10 PM
Hi Russ,

 Thanks for sending the exception report, as well as the original code. We've logged it and we'll provide a fix in some of the upcoming releases, so stay tuned.

Yordan Dikov
the Telerik team
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Yordan Dikov
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