Fiddler Jam

Never Again Miss a Detail When Troubleshooting 

Fiddler Jam is your unified troubleshooting solution. We believe in a secure, one-shot approach when reporting and fixing bugs. Fiddler Jam delivers an experience that delights your support team and the end-users you support because troubleshooting doesn’t have to be painstaking. 

What is Fiddler Jam?

Fiddler Jam is designed for support teams to spend less time instructing end-users by delivering a solution that helps you troubleshoot remote issues quickly, easily, and securely. The traditional back-and-forth is eliminated, creating a more harmonious experience that exceeds your user’s expectations.

How does it work? End-users share the full context (network logs, browser console logs, and screenshots of each action) via a Chrome extension instead of manually attaching to an email or a support ticket. Your support team analyzes the logs for troubleshooting. If needed, developers debug further by inspecting the logs in Fiddler Everywhere.

How Fiddler Jam Zeros in on the Problem



Using the Fiddler Jam Chrome extension, the end-user submits their logs in a self-service and secure way. To eliminate concerns and risks associated with storing sensitive data, the submitted captured logs are focused on the specific browser tab only. 


Support Team

The support team member completes the initial analysis of the bug being reported. Seeing precisely what the end-user is experiencing, the support agent can determine the proper resolution approach quickly without wondering if something critical to the fix was missed. 


Developer Team

The developer team receives portable data logs and, in most instances, can resolve the issue on the fly with the collaboratively provided context. The developer team can complete an advanced log analysis if needed with Fiddler Everywhere. Learn about the integration.

What Can You Use It For?

Increase Your Team's Productivity

Provide end-users a self-service way to capture technical logs using Fiddler Jam's Chrome extension. Easily capture the data you need - no programming skills required!

One-Step Approach for Sharing Logs

Share captured log files through a URL! Fiddler Jam integrates with support ticketing and collaboration tools such as JIRA, Freshdesk, GitHub, and Service Now.

Optimize Your Overall Workflow

Simplify and streamline your troubleshooting process. Fiddler Jam provides a unified toolchain to troubleshoot bugs while providing context and collaboration features. 

Boost Your Security Credibility 

End-users will appreciate that you selected a Telerik solution. Giving them the reassurance of state-of-the-art password encryption and data masking.

Fiddler Jam works in 3 easy steps

  • Precisely Capture Data

    Record network logs, browser console logs, and screenshots of each end-user action with a lightweight browser extension. See exactly what is going on at every second through the eye's of your end-user.

  • Securely Share Logs

    Eliminate the worry about sharing sensitive data. Opt for secure password protection for captured logs, and end-users can share the link privately with the support team.

  • Rapidly Troubleshoot Bugs

    With all the data you've collected now in one place, you can open the logs within the Fiddler Jam dashboard. Fiddler Jam delivers the features you need to troubleshoot and fix issues in minutes giving you time back for other tasks.


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