As a developer, you’re probably thinking AI is something that only data scientists work on, and unless you want to go back and get a PhD in statistics, it’s not for you. I’m happy to prove you wrong. If you are a developer building real-world solutions you are already 2/3rds of the way towards leveraging the tremendous improvements in machine learning and artificial intelligence that have occurred in recent years. In this pragmatic session, we look at how you, the developer, can leverage Azure Machine Learning (including the new Visual ML and Augmented ML) and the Cognitive Services into your overall Azure solution architectures. Machine Learning usually does not stand by itself in the solution…whether you are using as Azure ML as the foundation for a data mining effort, using it as web service to inform automated processes or simply employing ML directly to realize new, untapped values in your data, Azure ML sits as an important and integrated component of your solution architecture. New services such as those provided with Microsoft Cognitive Services speed your development time by providing you with sophisticated, fully trained models for performing speech, text, vision and recommendation functions with the ease of integrating a REST API can yield richer and deeper interactive user experiences than was possible without having a specialized team with huge development budgets. Learn to bring intelligence to your solutions by attending this session!

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