Telerik DevCraft

The Most Comprehensive UI Component Suite for Any Platform and Technology. Reporting is Included. 

DevCraft bundles Include UI libraries & tools

  • Blazor
  • ASP.NET Core
  • Embedded Reporting 
  • Mocking tools
  • WPF
  • WinForms
  • WinUI
  • Xamarin
  • Automated Testing
  • Angular
  • React
  • jQuery
  • Vue
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Products in DevCraft Bundles

DevCraft will satisfy the most complex functional and design requirements for all dev projects with minimal time and resources. Enjoy the industry-leading and most complete software development tooling collection with .NET UI controls and JavaScript UI components for web, desktop and mobile applications, reporting and report management solutions, automated testing and mocking tools from the Telerik and Kendo UI suites. Plus, document processing libraries. All in one.

  • UI for Blazor

    Build high-performant web apps using over 110+ native Telerik UI for Blazor components. Built from the ground-up to ensure you experience shorter development cycles, quick iterations and cut time to market.

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  • UI for ASP.NET Core

    Cut development time while delivering rich, powerful, modern websites and apps 110+ jQuery-based ASP.NET Core UI components.

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    Create responsive and adaptive web apps for any browser and device with the most fully-featured ASP.NET AJAX suite on the market.

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  • UI for ASP.NET MVC

    Build rich and responsive apps with UI for ASP.NET MVC. This complete suite packs 110+ lightweight extensions powered by Kendo UI, and contains everything you need to build modern HTML5 sites and applications.

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  • Kendo UI for jQuery

    Create beautiful, data-rich, responsive web apps with an extensive library of customizable UI components with support for all JavaScript technologies.

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  • Kendo UI for Angular

    Architect your next app with true Angular UI components, built from the ground up, designed to provide high-performance and rich UI

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  • KendoReact

    Building UI for business apps is hard work, even with React. Make it easy with our native UI & data visualization component library.

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  • Kendo UI for Vue

    Build high-performant and beautiful Vue apps faster with a rich UI library, ranging from complex components to basic components.

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Telerik UI for Blazor ComponentsTelerik UI for ASP.NET Core ComponentsTelerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX ControlsTelerik UI for ASP.NET MVC ControlsKendo UI for jQuery ComponentsKendo UI for Angular ComponentsKendoReact ComponentsKendo UI for Vue Components
  • UI for .NET MAUI

    Kickstart your cross-platform app development with Telerik’s best-in-class UI suite for .NET MAUI! Code once and build native applications for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS.

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  • UI for WinUI

    Build high-performant Windows 10 apps with Telerik UI for WinUI components. Build from the ground-up, the components’ suite ensures faster development cycles and quick iterations.

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  • UI for WPF

    Take advantage of this complete suite of 160+ WPF UI controls and 20+ themes for high-performing, beautiful desktop applications.

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  • UI for WinForms

    Build first-rate business desktop applications with 160+ stunning WinForms UI controls.

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Telerik UI for .NET MAUI ControlsTelerik UI for WinUI ComponentsTelerik UI for WPF ControlsTelerik UI for WinForms Controls
Telerik UI for Xamarin ComponentsTelerik UI for .NET MAUI Controls
  • Reporting

    Create and style interactive, reusable, touch-friendly reports in Visual Studio or in a standalone desktop or in web-based report designers, deliver them to any web or desktop .NET application and print them in more than 15+ formats.

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  • Report Server

    Create and style beautiful reports using dedicated standalone report designer. Store and manage them from a single web interface. Apply a full set of line-of-business features like rebranding, report scheduling, user permissions, data alerts and more. Empower the end users to view and export advanced data presentations.

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Embedded ReportingTelerik Report Server
  • Test Studio Dev Edition

    Ensure painless continuous software delivery at any time and on demand. Craft quickly and easily automated tests with or without coding, integrate them in your CI/CD environment to find defects earlier and ship a quality software product across web and desktop. Test your Telerik DevCraft-built applications without leaving Visual Studio.

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  • JustMock

    Use this easy, fast, feature-rich mocking framework to isolate dependencies in unit tests.

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Telerik Test Studio Dev EditionTelerik JustMock

Key Benefits

All in One Solution

Get 1,250+ .NET and JavaScript UI components for building professionally designed web, desktop and mobile apps in less time and with less effort. Plus, reporting and testing.

Engaging and Customizable UI

Standardize the look and feel of your applications across the board. Out-of-the-box themes and customization options allow you to quickly present modern frontend to your users.

Unmatched Productivity

Simplify your everyday software development tasks, even the most complex ones. Cut down with up to 50% dev time, increase productivity and follow the latest UX trends.

Advanced Modernization

Innovate and migrate legacy apps, adopt all new frameworks easily to deliver modern UI within project timelines and budgets or even faster and more affordably.

Support and Learning

Review demos, tutorials, feature descriptions, code samples and detailed APIs. Benefit from leading support even during your free trial, documentation and community forums.

Scalable Licensing Models

Improve ROI with enterprise-friendly and scalable licensing. Terms are per developer, without deployment fees, licenses are perpetual. Pre-seats with volume discounts are available.

Standardize on DevCraft for Better Outcomes

Companies that standardize on DevCraft across their projects experience fast ROI, improved developer experience, streamlined design to code processes, and overall better UX.

Pricing Packages

Get the offer that best suits your specific challenges. Utilize a ton of resources and trainings on demand

Ninjas DevCraft UI

DevCraft UI

14 Products

  • .NET and JavaScript UI components for web, desktop and mobile
  • NEW: Telerik and Kendo UI Kits for Figma i Design Kits for Figma included for all Web products part of the bundle
  • Document processing libraries

Lite Support

72h response time
10 support incidents

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$ 1,499

per developer
renewable at 50% of the list price

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Ninja Most popular DevCraft Complete

DevCraft Complete

16 Products

  • Everything in DevCraft UI
  • Embedded reporting for web and desktop
  • Mocking solution for rapid unit testing

Priority Support

24h response time
Unlimited number of support incidents

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$ 1,699

per developer
renewable at 50% of the list price

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Ninjas DevCraft Ultimate

DevCraft Ultimate

18 Products

  • Everything in DevCraft Complete
  • Automated testing tool for developers
  • End-to-end report management solution

Ultimate Support

Everything in Priority Support
Phone support
Remote web assistance
Ticket pre-screening
Issue escalation

Learn More

$ 2,199

per developer
renewable at 50% of the list price

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Greatness—it’s one thing to say you have it, but it means more when others recognize it. Progress Telerik is proud to hold the following industry awards.

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275K+ customers
4.6M+ developers
400+ awards
Trusted by NASA, HP and Millions More

Trusted by NASA and Millions More

Uncompromised quality comes from a 15-year track record of helping millions of developers create beautiful user experiences for mission-critical applications. The same developers who built our controls will provide your support so you can deliver your projects on time. We live with your daily challenges, striving to solve them with the best products, predictable release cycles (three per year) and support within hours.

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