60+ WinForms controls that energize your apps

Telerik UI for WinForms help you deliver fast, rich and engaging desktop and Modern UI applications quickly and easily.

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  • grid
  • form
  • chart
  • scheduler
  • combobox
  • richtextbox
  • treeview

and more than
60 other controls
to help you develop

  • Ready-to-use themes
  • Visual Style Builder
  • Visual Studio Extensions

Why Telerik UI for WinForms?

  • Easy to Use as Playing with Lego*

    Achieve previously impossible visual effects without having to write a line of code or acquire new skills. The suite comes loaded with 100s of demos, self-paced tutorials, videos, sample applications and various other resources to help you get started immediately and enjoy intuitive user experience from day one.
    * Lego is a trademark of The LEGO Group

  • Flexible Grid Layouts in Minutes

    Telerik Windows Forms GridView delivers the set of features and flexibility to match the ultimate demands of the most sophisticated apps and excels in providing modern UI. An endlessly customizable architecture allows you to bind your grid to any data source, export views to PDF, XLS, CSV, HTML or print your screen with a click.

  • Blazing Apps Performance

    Despite having animations and rich visual effects, the suite has been crafted for unbeatable performance helping you deliver better and faster applications in shorter time. All data controls, such as GridView, TreeView and ListView feature a powerful data engine, which guarantees blazing fast data loading and updates.

  • Support from the Suite Creators

    We at Telerik take support to a whole new level. Seriously, go ahead and check our credentials online. Whatever your question, one of the developers who built UI for WinForms will get back to you to make sure you will meet you deadline. Yes, they do it during your evaluation period too.

  • Development Blocks to
    Build Everything

    UI for WinForms includes more than 60 user interface components that you can use to fulfill the most demanding requirements of your project. All-way customizable GridView, Form, Chart, Scheduler, RichTextBox and a bunch of essential other controls enable you build any Line of Business or Metro application with ease.

  • A First in Many Ways

    A constant striving to innovation is what defines UI for WinForms. The Telerik WinForms suite introduced industry’s first multi-touch support. Our users also get first full compliance with the latest user interface accessibility and automation standards out of the box, as well as a Style Repository to quickly store & reuse custom themes.

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I got a breakthrough in my touchscreen interface with UI for WinForms with VB.net. A Great tool!
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