Bringing UI Testing_Into_Continuous_Integration_LP

Bringing UI Testing
Into Continuous Integration
and Continuous Delivery

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Are you looking to learn about the fundamentals of continuous integration, deployment and delivery? Are you planning to implement UI test automation in your organization and make your pipeline more effective with UI testing?

Save yourself some time and download this whitepaper, offering a high-level outline of the key choices many QA leads face when implementing automation into their organization.

Download the whitepaper to learn:

    • How to bring user interface testing into continuous integration and continuous delivery
    • How to understand CI/CD Benefits such as shrinking the feedback loop and automation of error-prone or sensitive processes
    • Important considerations when adding UI Testing to CI/CD such as the extra Infrastructure needed, managing dependencies and third-party tools
    • How to to implement UI automation in your organization, who builds the tests, what support Frameworks will you need, how to ensure continual improvement?
    • How to increase the value of your pipeline with UI Testing


Jim Holmes

Jim Holmes

Guidepost Systems

Jim is the owner/principal of Guidepost Systems. He has been in various corners of the IT world since joining the US Air Force in 1982. He’s spent time in LAN/WAN and server management roles in addition to many years helping teams and customers deliver great systems.

Jim has worked with organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies to improve their delivery processes and ship better value to their customers. Jim’s been in many different environments but greatly prefers those adopting practices from Lean and Agile communities. When not at work you might find Jim in the kitchen with a glass of wine, playing Xbox, hiking with his family, or banished to the garage while trying to practice his guitar.

Read the Whitepaper