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eBook: Migration to .NET MAUI

When and How to Transition to Cross-Platform App Development


Do you plan to start your first cross-platform app? Or do you plan to migrate your Xamarin or desktop app to .NET MAUI? You're in the right place.

In recent year, .NET MAUI has emerged as one of the most popular frameworks for building cross-platform applications. Migrating to .NET MAUI cam improve your application development by providing a modern, cross-platform framework that supports native UI controls and outstanding performance. if you are considering to modernizing your app with .NET MAUI, here is the new eBook on the topic.

This eBook will help you examine the benefits of migrating to .NET MAUI from Xamarin.Forms for the dev experience, the app and its end users, plus any downsides, so you can decide if and when migration is right for your app. Additionally, the eBook expands migration scenarios by covering also the transition from desktop to .NET MAUI.  

The “Migration to .NET MAUI” eBook covers these all-important topics:

  • Should you migrate from Xamarin.Forms to .NET MAUI and when?
  • Things to consider when planning your migration from Xamarin.Forms to .NET MAUI
  • Migration of Xamarin ERP app to .NET MAUI
  • How to migrate Xamarin.Forms renders to .NET MAUI handlers
  • Practical tips for migration 
  • How to transform a WPF app to cross-platform .NET MAUI
  • What to know when porting a WPF app to Blazor Hybrid 
  • And more...


Rossitza Fakalieva

Rossitza Fakalieva

Microsoft MVP 

Rossitza is a Microsoft MVP and an internationally recognized online influencer, speaker and writer, She was a leader of Telerik engineering teams working with XAML technologies - Telerik UI for WPF,  Telerik UI for Xamarin and  Telerik UI for .NET MAUI.

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