Kendo UI R3 2018

Kendo UI R3 2018 Release Webinar

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With our R3 2018 release, Kendo UI gets even better with new components and features, all based on user feedback and requests. Whether you are using Angular, React, Vue, or jQuery we’ve got something new for you. And all our new R3 additions are easy to integrate and easy to configure and customize, as always.

We reduce the time to market for new products by at least a month. We would never be able to compose UI controls of that quality and feature-richness on our own in that time.

Ricky Blankenaufulland Software Architect,
telecommunication software gmbh

This live release webinar will cover all the highlights, including:

Kendo UI for jQuery and Kendo UI for Vue

  • New features have been added to the jQuery and Vue TreeList component: batch editing, multi-column headers, and client-side paging
  • Brand New component: the MultiColumnComboBox component for both jQuery and Vue
  • All components updated for WCAG 2.1 compliance

Kendo UI for Angular

Top-voted Data Viz & Grid features added to Angular

  • Control where your axis labels are displayed (high, low, axis, none) in any chart
  • Built-in Context Menu available in the Grid
  • Use the DateRangePicker and other custom components for filtering in the Grid

Notification Widget for any Angular app

  • Notification widget that can be displayed anywhere in your app
  • Allow for stacking, progress bars and templates for notifications

Kendo UI for React

  • Expanded React Grid features including multi-column headers, frozen columns, and a loading indicator
  • New financial data support in React with stock and sparkline charts
  • Modal dialogs in React with a new dialog component

But we’re not resting there—the next release is already in development. We’ll wrap things up with a quick look at the 2019 Kendo UI roadmap and show you what else is on the horizon.

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Watch the recording:

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