eBook: Blazor Hybrid and Web in One Solution

Dive into Blazor cross-platform apps, potential roadblocks, testing with Razor components, and more.

Blazor Hybrid is an exciting new development pattern from Microsoft that empowers developers to create desktop and mobile applications using the Blazor framework and platform- native .NET apps.

The eBook is all about examining the architecture behind a Blazor application that targets web, desktop and mobile. With each chapter and example, you’ll gain more insight on how to structure, run, and test such cross-platform apps.

By leveraging the techniques described in this e-book, you’ll be able to quickly become familiar with Blazor Hybrid applications, identify potential roadblocks, and implement unit tests with Razor components. Each idea is presented in a way to get started and be productive right away.

The “Blazor Hybrid and Web in One Solution” eBook covers these all-important topics:

  • Introduction to Cross-Platform
  • Code Organization
  • Blazor Hybrid and We Client Set Up
  • Adding Blazor Hybrid to a Web Solution
  • Razor Class Library with Blazor WASM
  • Razor Class Library with Blazor Hybrid
  • Android Emulation with Localhost
  • Testing Razor Components


Jim Holmes

Ed Charbeneau

Developer Advocate, Progress

Ed is a Microsoft MVP and an internationally recognized online influencer, speaker, writer, Developer Advocate for Progress, and expert on all things web development. Ed enjoys geeking out to cool new tech, brainstorming about future technology and admiring great design.

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