Since we released Fiddler Everywhere back in November 2018 (for more info check this blog post), our primary focus was getting feature parity with Fiddler for Windows. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t get new features. Here’s the proof – today’s release brings you some of the most wanted features from the feedback portal.

Preserve the Filters

Now with Fiddler filters are set automatically. Just add your filters, and they will be there every time you load the app so you don't need to add them manually.

Get Started Tab

Fiddler now introduces a new Get Started tab where you can find everything you need to get started with Fiddler in one place. Find the most used Fiddler commands, useful learning resources, recently opened archives and more. This is the place where you’ll find the latest news, articles or offers by Progress Telerik – the company that stands behind Fiddler.

Grouping AutoResponder Rules

Now you can group your AutoResponder rules. This will give you the ability to easily manage your rules within Fiddler.

Known Browsers

Now Fiddler recognizes MS Edge and Brave as web browsers. Moreover, you can customize Fiddler’s known browsers by using fiddler.knownbrowsers preference.

Minor Fixes & Features

With this release, we managed to fix some of the most annoying issues, updated Fiddler to understand TLS 1.3 and many more.

We’re looking forward to your comments about the release below or in our forums and feedback portal.

Happy Fiddling!

Kamen Velikov
About the Author

Kamen Velikov

Kamen is software developer and manager of the Fiddler team at Progress. He has more than 11 years of professional experience in software development. Programming has always been his passion and he feels lucky to work his hobby. In his free time, he enjoys traveling, motorcycling, freshly-roasted coffee, and trying new experiences. Geek by design. Writing is a new thing to him and he’ll appreciate your feedback and comments. 

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