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Give yourself three minutes to take this interactive quiz to hone in on your workplace motivations, habits and goals, and walk away with better self-appreciation. Take in what you see and learn how to create the right space for you based on your unique traits.

What makes this assessment fun and enlightening is that you can see how your experiences and perceptions have shaped your network debugging style. A recent study found that being conscious or aware of your tendencies is one of the most effective techniques for improving an employee’s reported sense of happiness both on and off the clock. Take the quiz!

Working in software development, you run into different personalities at every turn. Whether you are a developer, security expert or QA professional, have you noticed the various ways those around you approach network debugging? We are going to uncover for you the four unique styles that influence the network debugging path, and it is based on your personality traits.

Think about a few of your closest co-workers. Do you notice how one of them is always laser-focused, while the other one always keeps a steady pace yet likes to change things up a bit? Or do you relate to being quick to resolve unexpected network traffic issues, or is your fire fueled by being the go-to person on the team?

If you are open to sharing your results, we’d love to hear them. Otherwise, they are completely yours to keep private. It might be fun to pass the quiz along to a friend or colleague—it may allow seeing their perspective, and with this understanding comes improved communication.

Link to the quiz:

About the Author

Eve Turzillo

Eve is a senior developer advocate at Progress and is enthralled in everything to do with web debugging and the world of network traffic. When not writing content or streaming, you can find her at your favorite developer events.

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