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    Spreading the Word on Software Testing

    I’m Peter Varhol, a new evangelist for TestStudio, and I’m happy to be joining the Telerik team and my colleagues Steven Vore and Jim Holmes.  I’ve done a wide variety of things in my career, including software evangelism, product management and marketing, development and testing, technology journalism, and university teaching. Among the professional activities I’ve been doing over the past several years is speaking at various conferences and user groups on the subjects of software testing and quality, and I’ve brought some of that with me to Telerik.  At the end of August, I’m giving a talk at the Conference ...
    July 23, 2013
  • Testing & ALM

    Top 5 Reasons to Use a Mocking Framework

    You've heard all of the academic reasons for using a mocking framework. Read about some of the real life reasons to use a mocking framework.
  • .NET Testing & ALM

    How to Enable Agile Adoption in Your Organization

    For years I’ve been lecturing and writing about the process of adopting Agile. Specifically, I’ve been promoting a model that Stephen Forte and I call the “Agile Buffet” where change, in this case the usage of Agile practices on a team, is pulled into the team incrementally based on real observable needs.
  • .NET Testing & ALM

    Using the Element Explorer in Test Studio's Visual Studio Plug-In

    Greetings, fellow testers. Last week we took a quick look at using Test Studio's Visual Studio plug-in. Today I want to point out a feature of the plug-in that can help you find your way around the elements on your application's pages - the Element Explorer. video: Using the Element Explorer in Test Studio's Visual Studio Plug-In The element explorer shows us a subset of our application's DOM, showing just the elements that are in use in our project. Any given element may be used in multiple tests in your project; the explorer shows each element once. In this ...
    July 22, 2013
  • .NET Testing & ALM

    Using Test Studio's Visual Studio Plug-in

    Greetings, fellow testers. I know some of you are working closely with your developers, and that's A Good Thing. They may be showing interest in creating tests themselves, and what better place for them (or you, if you're interested) to do that but right in their favorite development tool - Visual Studio? Here's the good news - when you installed Test Studio it also added a plug-in which gives Visual Studio the same ease of test recording as you're already using. The keys are to use the Telerik Test Studio Project template when starting your project, and then adding tests ...
    July 19, 2013