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    Become an Rx Pusher with Windows Phone 7 Webinar Wrap-up

    Following our second webinar in the Telerik Windows Phone Wednesdays series, we now have the recording online and available to view!  In this webinar, industry expert and Microsoft MVP Jim Wooley covers the Reactive Extensions (Rx), a framework that allows for more asynchronous calls to take place within your applications, keeping your UI responsive while all the behind-the-scenes operations still take place.  Head on over to Telerik TV to check out the recorded version here: Become an Rx Pusher with Windows Phone 7 by Jim Wooley Then head over to Jim's website to check out the sample code as well as the...
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    Creating Validation with RadDatePicker and RadWindow for WP7

    When allowing users to select a date value in your applications, one of the obvious issues is ensuring that they aren’t allowed to pick a value like December 24th, 563.  Thankfully, the developers for our Windows Phone team have incorporated some properties to help prevent this.  Step 1 – Min and Max Value Properties The easy way to make this happen is to simply set a MinValue and MaxValue.  In our scenario, we will say that we are scheduling appointments for some event in the future, therefore we can easily set out MinValue and MaxValue either via Xaml: <telerikInput:RadDatePicker x:Name="xRadDatePicker"                             Grid.Row="1"                             VerticalAlignment="Center"                             MinValue="5-6-2011"                             MaxValue="11-6-2011"/>   Or since we can’t hard-code a...
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    Make Your Own Live Tiles with RadControls for Windows Phone 7

    Without a doubt one of the coolest features of the Windows Phone 7 (WP7) platform sits on the home screen in the form of Live Tiles.  For those with lesser mobile operating systems, a Live Tile is a large icon that represents your application on the home screen of a WP7 device that allows for live updates.  Examples of these are seeing Facebook updates pop in for a pinned person on your phone, weather alerts popping up in WeatherBug, or something as simple as your Exchange email rolling up the numbers as new emails come in.  To give an example,...
    April 07, 2011
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    RadControls for Windows Phone 7 Are Here - So Now What?

    Now that the official release of RadControls for Windows Phone 7 has shipped, we have been seeing a few questions from both current and potential customers around what is coming next and what to expect from the suite now that it is official.  Luckily, I’ve got some answers for you! First up, now that the suite is official, the official “free lunch” with the RadControls for Windows Phone 7 is officially over.  What does that mean, you might ask?  As it turns out, during both the CTP and both Betas of the WP7 suite we had tons of developer interest, so much so...
    March 30, 2011