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    Telerik CAB Enabling Kit for RadControls for WinForms moving to CodePlex

    Being one of the first vendors to provide support for the CAB and the SCSF, Telerik is strongly committed to provide seamless and easy integration with the CAB infrastructure. We provide new releases of the Telerik CAB Enabling Kit for RadControls for WinForms (TCEK) with each Telerik release, and recently Robert Shoemate, our WinForms Developer Evangelist, posted several blogs on the features that we support. The interest in extending the TCEK has been so great that we decided to provide TCEK to the community as an open source project on CodePlex. We believe this will give you an incentive to provide updates...
    September 15, 2009
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    Do you manage your software development through TFS? Telerik just released couple of free TFS tools for you

    Shortly after the massive excitement Telerik’s Extensions for ASP.NET MVC created, the guys at Telerik are happy to share couple of new free tools with the developer community! Inspired by agile development best practices, TFS Work Item Manager and TFS Project Dashboard have also been extensively used internally at Telerik for over six months with great results. TFS Work Item Manager simplifies the process of organizing TFS work items – you can now access and alter all your tasks in a visually appealing and user-friendly way. Some of its highlights include Work Item grid filtering, grouping and aggregation; querying; iteration schedules; and a...
    September 14, 2009
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    Silverlight DragDrop Hello (Real) World Application

    A Most Interesting Hello (Real) World Application Sometimes you can get away with a small application to show off some features. But dragging rectangles around is just not enough. You need a TreeView, you need a GridView, ListBox and a good user feedback. Why not place everything in a Docking Control? Some examples of DragDrop can be a bit unrealistic. You do not always have your elements defined in XAML. You cannot always have a reference to the containers you want to drag/drop. So we need to go a bit more real-world. What I tried to do is create a simple application that...
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    Breaking the ice: RIA Services and Silverlight 3

    Implementing Line of Business applications has never been easier before. RIA services together with the rich presentation layer in Silverlight provide a powerful foundation for building n-tier application that will do the heavy lifting of your data layer. RIA Services relies on the ADO.NET Entity Framework to create an entity data model of your relational database and interpret the entities independently of their data store representation. In this way you can use the power of LINQ to Entities to implement query logic against the entities without using t-sql, and rely on the entity relationship to retrieve information for any relationship between...
  • Desktop WPF

    Creating a Half circle WPF RadGauge

    During a recent webinar, a question was asked about whether you can create a half circle gauge.  I recently covered this in my “Introducing RadGauge for WPF” webinar, but thought it would be good to have a quick blog post as well.  Below you will see a RadialGauge which contains two RadialScales placed along the left and right of the gauge.  This is actually very easy to produce since the RadialGauge is simply a container, you can place a number of scales inside of the gauge.      Here is the XAML for the screenshot...
    March 26, 2009