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    Learn How to Win a Free License for RadControls for Windows Phone

    If you’ve started Windows Phone 7 application development already, or have an idea about an application you want to build, you also have a great chance to win a free license for RadControls for Windows Phone. All you need to do is: be among the first 500 people to download the brand new Beta release of RadControls submit your application featuring any of RadControls for Windows Phone to the Marketplace until 10th of May and send us the link at windowsphoneapps[at]telerik[dot]com We will also be glad to help you increase exposure for your app. Check out our brand new Showcase section, where we add...
    February 03, 2011
  • .NET

    RadControls for Windows Phone 7 Q1 2011 Beta released

    We are most excited to announce the immediate availability of our RadControls for Windows Phone 7 Q1 2011 Beta release. This is a major milestone for us and we managed to complete all the scheduled new controls and features as well as lots of bug fixes and polish over the entire suite. In case you still don't have a copy grab one from here. I cannot wait to share what’s new in this release: Gauge: The First Look example in our Demo application Gauges are a fundamental part of every data visualization application and that is why we focused our efforts on delivering industry leading solution...
    February 03, 2011
  • .NET

    Thoughts on Being Awarded Microsoft Silverlight MVP

    This isn't going to be your typical code sample-heavy blog post, but rather I wanted to reflect on something that arrived at my doorstep about two weeks ago... That is correct, I was awarded the Microsoft Silverlight MVP award for the past year of work around this fantastic platform.  So let me start by saying thanks for both the nomination as well as the award - while it was never the goal of helping the community to grow and learn, it is certainly a nice perk. ;) And of course things are just getting started, as we saw at the Silverlight Firestarter,...
    January 17, 2011
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    The RadControls for Windows Phone Showcase Series – part 1

    I cannot hide my excitement form the fact that even though RadControls for Windows Phone are still in a CTP stage, there are already a bunch of apps on the Windows Phone Marketplace, that are built with the suite. The application I’m showing you today is called HealthCaddy – your buddy if you are tracking health data points such as blood glucose, blood pressure and weight readings daily as part of your health and fitness goals. The main reading entry screen displays a quick snapshot of four most recent entries. Double-tap the graph and you’ll get to a full-screen version of the...
    January 06, 2011
  • .NET Mobile

    Introducing the RadNumericUpDown Control for Windows Phone 7

    While developing the RadControls for Windows Phone 7 QSF we heavily discussed how the screen real estate should be organized so that we can display as much content as possible without losing on the UX front. We have many examples where user input is required which automatically implies increased amount of controls on the example page and thus leading to difficulties when optimally using the screen space. For instance, our Animation examples allow for adjusting animation parameters to better demonstrate functionality. At the beginning we implemented the input via TextBox elements: we allowed the user to type in the desired value, after that...
    December 13, 2010