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    Introducing the RadGrid for Windows 8 HTML

    Introducing the RadGrid for Windows 8 HTML! In this post, we drop a grid in and configure the columns through the View Model.
  • .NET

    MSDN Northeast RoadShow 2009

    Hi everyone! I attended the MSDN Northeast Roadshow in Waltham, MA yesterday and strongly recommend that anyone in the Augusta, Maine or Farmington, Connecticut areas check out the show when it is in your area within the next week.  Lots of great content ranging from why MVC is not that scary to reasons why you should be looking out for the Silverlight 3 release.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the event, it's a great opportunity to find out what is new and exciting with the Microsoft development world, dodge colorful question reward bricks (the sound of impact on an unsuspecting crowd member is something...
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    Telerik on Windows 7 Beta – The Complete Overview

    For those of you that follow my TelerikWatch blog, you know that I recently made the jump to Windows 7 on my primary workstation (build 7000, to be exact). I’ve spent the weekend installing, tweaking, and testing the latest iteration of Windows, and like Vassil before me, my impressions are generally positive. Microsoft has definitely worked hard to ensure the compatibility nightmares of the XP to Vista jump are not repeated with Windows 6.1 7. I’m confident I’ll be able to use Windows 7- even in beta form- reliably as my full-time OS from this point forward. As far as Telerik is...
    February 16, 2009
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    RadControls for WinForms and Windows 7 beta

    A couple of days ago I finally managed to get my hands on the latest hype, Windows 7, and to give it a spin. The first impression I got after installing the new OS went to the performance improvements it offered – it felt better than Vista, and the boot up time was really impressive. Then came the appreciation of the UI improvements which seem to be a natural evolution of the features Vista introduced. Win7 goodies aside, I am happy to say that RadControls for WinForms run perfectly fine on the beta – there are no hiccups, messed layouts...