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    WebUI Test Studio 2.0 Webinar – Join for a Chance to Win a Free License

    The official launch of WebUI Test Studio version 2.0 has been scheduled for Thursday, December 10. As you surely know, the new version features major upgrades, such as the industry-first in-depth Silverlight UI recording capabilities, completely revamped highlighting surface, as well as handy “gadgets” like 3-D element inspection, drag-n-drop wizard, new coverflow-like visual storyboard, and more. If you’d like to stay ahead of the curve in the field of web application testing, you should definitely get a seat in the joint webinar Todd Anglin (Telerik Chief Technical Evangelist) and Faris Sweis (ArtOfTest CTO and Product Architect) are organizing to get you acquainted...
    December 04, 2009