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    Website Search Enhancements - #2 Related Searches and Sorting

    Few days after our blog post about the autocomplete feature, we are now ready to unveil the mystery about two other features we asked you to guess. The first feature presents the new sorting functionality that we have added. Feel free to sort your search results by both Relevance and Date to get a better match of what you need to find on our website. The second feature we implemented shows a box at the bottom of every results page on our sites, where we have provided you with related searches. The suggestions are optimized so that the topmost is the most...
    August 19, 2010
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    Website Search Enhancements - #1 The Autocompletion

    Within the next few weeks, we intend to publish a series of posts that will introduce you to the new Search Enhancements that we have been working on intensively during the past month. Being part of our overall Site Search Improvements program we would first like to present to you the Autocomplete functionality.   The new feature is already turned on for all the search fields on our website and we hope it really helps you get the needed search results faster and much more accurate.
    August 16, 2010