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    Visual Studio Tip: Starting the IDE Quickly & Other Quick Tips

    When you use a tool day-in and day-out you typically want it to be accessible as quickly as possible and to launch just the way you like it, with all your favorite bells and whistles ready to go. For those of us saving the world every day with our .NET applications, Visual Studio is no exception. So here are a couple of easy tips for fine-tuning Visual Studio to get you from the icon to the code just a little bit faster, as well as a few of my own preferred features and settings. Launch Tips 1. Get rid of the splash...
    July 27, 2008
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    Visual Studio Tip: Creating and Consuming an Item Template

    These days there are a lot of cool ways for .NET developers to be more productive. From code generation to refactoring, there is never a shortage of plug-ins out there to help us in this goal. But let's not forget about the great tools and features already built into Visual Studio that we can use. One feature I have started using recently is the item template. Whether you know what an item template is or not, you use them in your every day development. Item templates are those pre-written files you add to your project whenever you need a new ASP.NET...
    July 20, 2008