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    Time Saving Features For MVC Developers

    I recently started reacquainting myself with the Telerik MVC Extensions, and it seems I had forgotten just how awesome they are! I want to talk about a few of the less known features I find really awesome in the extensions. VS Extensions Telerik’s MVC extensions come with built in Visual Studio extensions to make project creation, and configuration, a snap.  In addition, the extensions include a variety of project templates to help start new projects: 
    April 27, 2012
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    New Visual Studio Extensions for the Telerik RadControls - Windows Phone

      We are happy to let you know that Telerik released new Visual Studio Extension for RadControls for Windows Phone 7 Q2 2011. This means VSX Team now supports Visual Studio Extensions for all Telerik UI Components! If you create Windows Phone 7 applications using the new Visual Studio Extension everything will be configured automatically for you. If you want to install new version you don’t need to browse with hours any more just use Upgrade Wizard and it will find latest version and download it. Now I will give you more detailed information on how to use this new Visual Studio Extension for...

    Telerik AJAX Visual Studio ToolBox Groups

    With the growing number of Telerik AJAX controls getting more and more with each subsequent release, it is gradually harder for the developers who are expending them to locate a certain control under a single Visual Studio ToolBox group. Which naturally leads us to the isolation of a separate toolbox groups based on the type and usage of the components. Starting Q2 2011, you will find the following ten VS 2008/2010 Toolbox groups for our AJAX components when you install them from the automated package (unless, of course, you canceled the automatic Telerik AJAX toolbox configuration action due to some valid...

    VSIX Package deployment and users in the same machine

    A customer of ours faced a very interesting issue we were able to solve earlier today.   The problem was that when Visual Studio run under the context of his account, all the Telerik VSExtensions were available in the Extension Manager. On the other hand, when Visual Studio run as a different user, the Telerik WebUI VSExtensions were missing.   The problem is very likely to happen if you run Visual Studio under different accounts to test your applications with limited permissions. It happens when you usually install the Telerik VSExtensions through the installer and you decide to install a newer version through the Extension Manager:   The...
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    JustCode Q1 2011 Service Pack 1 is out

    A month after the successful JustCode Q1 release we are ready with a new wave of improvements – Q1 2011 SP1. You can download it directly from Visual Studio through the JustCode Auto Updates or get it from Highlights for the Service Pack: Performance optimizations – startup performance, solution load performance, memory consumption, etc.; New Generate ToString() feature; A ton of other fixes and improvements (more info in the full release notes). As always for the service pack we focused on fixing reported issues. Additionally we were able to squeeze in some nice improvements that should make your just-coding experience a better one. In the same time...
    April 19, 2011