• Testing

    Record/Playback/Code—The Fastest Road to Efficient Test Automation

    Record and Playback testing tools have been underestimated by developers and senior test engineers ever since codeless/low code test automation emerged as the next big thing in Quality Assurance. Can we be all wrong? Here is the proof of how experienced users can take advantage of visual test recording tools and deliver quality software on time and with minimal bugs.
    January 22, 2021
  • Testing

    Bringing UI Test Automation Into CI/CD

    Companies are starting to embrace advances in thinking around quality of releases being key, by adopting a “shift left” mindset to bring testing earlier into the delivery cycle.
    Purposeful testing and feedback efforts early in the delivery cycle lead to better understanding of what’s to be built. The 'Bringing UI automation Into CI/CD' whitepaper by modernization strategist Jim Holmes discusses some of the key challenges and choices QA, test engineers and leads face along their journey of implementing automated UI testing in their organizations.
    November 24, 2020