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    Tales of Kendo UI Awesomeness: AdvancedREI

    Watching your customers being successful with your framework is tremendously gratifying. That's one of the perks of my role as a Developer Evangelist for Kendo UI; working closely with customers, I have a unique view of the amazing solutions that are being built by developers targeting...
    September 25, 2012
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    An In-Depth Look at the ListView

    The ListView is a widget that was recently introduced in the March 2012 release of Kendo UI Web. Its purpose is to display a custom layout of data-bound items through templates. In this article, I'll highlight how the ListView works as well as identify scenarios where it...
    April 12, 2012
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    Share your ASP.NET AJAX Pages with Social Networks

    Almost everyone is on some sort of social network nowadays. It’s not just limited to tech-savvy individuals anymore. Even my grandmother, who has a difficult time finding the computer's ON button at times, has figured out how to sync up with me via social networks. With this amount of popularity, of course you want to allow your users to be able to share pages from your ASP.NET AJAX application with networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Thankfully, our new ASP.NET AJAX control, RadSocialShare, makes this sharing a breeze. I know you’re eager to have one of those Like buttons...
    December 06, 2011
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    Tweeps, meet digiTweet!

    For all you tweeps out there, this is a quick plug for the newest Twitter client on the block, digiTweet. I was first alerted to this new client on Channel 10, and just started using it with my account. I must say I am very pleased. For a beta product, this one gets two thumbs up! It’s built with WPF and is open source (you can find it on CodePlex). I also happen to like the sleek interface. Being a .NET guy, I’m partial to apps that are build with .NET (the Twitter client I’ve been using, TweetDeck, was built with Adobe...
    April 14, 2009